Little Puppies and other things…

This past week has been just as busy as the last few, but I have managed to somewhat keep my sanity. I decided to drop the Biology class I was planning on taking, which will put me behind a semester but I’m not stressing over it.

Logan has been talking even more lately! He is a little shy though so hopefully he will learn to talk more when it is not just him and I. We have also started getting him to eat in a regular chair with us at meal times. This is such a good thing. He has thrown up in the high chair SO MANY TIMES its smells terrible, and I cannot wait to see it leave my dining room. However, Logan thinks the barstool is his own personal throne. He eats lunch and all his snacks at the counter now. I just hope he does not throw up on the barstool, fingers crossed.


Helping Mommy fold the laundry.



“Helping” make cookies while Mickey plays. I let him use my laptop since the flat screen TV puts off so much heat.

We also have two new additions to the family, sweet little beagle puppies! Logan cannot get over them, and loves it when they get, what he calls, “cookies.” He even goes as far as trying to give the girls his Vanilla Wafers.


This little one is my Bella! She is so precious, and judging by her personality she would make an excellent hunting dog.


I already have her spoiled for me, which was my every intention.


This one is Sophia, and she is spoiled for my mom. Logan likes Sophia best, he calls her “Fia,” but I think it is because she is hyper just like him. She is full of all kinds of energy, she is a biter though, so I have to watch Logan carefully with her.

The last couple weeks I have had huge cravings for filet mignon, which is very odd since I’m not huge into beef. However, I will not be denied, so we have had it three times in two weeks.


This is typically what my plate looks like. The potatoes are AMAZING, so here is how I make them.

Foil Packet Red Skinned Potatoes

– Preheat oven to 400 degrees

– Take a sheet of tin foil long enough to fold over on itself for however many potatoes being used, and spray it with nonstick spray

– Cut Potatoes in 1″ pieces, then place on foil

– Mince 2 garlic cloves, sprinkle over potatoes. Then Sprinkle with a Dried Oregano, and top with desired amount of butter.

– Seal the potatoes in securely, then place packet on baking sheet.

– Bake 45 to 50 minutes, flipping over half way through…Enjoy!


I have not been ignoring Logan’s favors though. Here is my little guy waiting for Lasagna Roll-Ups to come out of the oven. Image


Have a great week! I will be helping my mom prepare for family coming in for my grandma’s surgery in a week, and I will be finalizing the schedule for our trip to Walt Disney World!


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