Unexpected Busy Summer

Sorry for my absence lately, but things have been so busy. Just thought I would give everyone another quick update as to the goings on in the Stevenson house.

Logan is trying so hard to speak in sentences, and is so close I know it will not be long before the is talking constantly. He has also gotten over his dislike of getting his hands sticky, thankfully! Now he will feed himself just about anything he can get his little hands on.


For me, this is a relief, because I felt like I was going to be hand feeding him until he went to preschool. Dinner time is better now since I do not have to eat my food as fast as I can in order to feed him at the same time!

Logan has also discovered he can climb on Mommy and Daddy’s bed, so while I get ready in the morning he lays on it watching Disney Channel with Mickey.


On June 4 my Grandma turned 80, what a blessing! Doug and I are so blessed to have her in our lives. Logan loves his Great-Grandma so much, and I know she feels the same about him. To celebrate her birthday we threw her a party.


The party was so much fun, but was marked with a sense of sadness. The week before her birthday she was diagnosed with cancer. She will be having surgery in a few weeks, then the doctors will determine what treatment is available. Family is coming from all over the country to be here when she has surgery, so she will have a great support system while recovering.

When my mom told me Grandma was sick all those years in high school having to go through the same situation with 3 other grandparents came flooding back to me. However, I understand now that God always has a reason for putting us through the trails He gives us. As with everything, the outcome is in His hands, and the family will support each other giving Grandma with whatever she needs.

On a happier note Doug and I have begun planning a special vacation for January 2014! We will have been married 5 years, wow time flies, and wanted to mark the occasion with a special trip (conveniently my 24th birthday will be celebrated as well)! We will be leaving Logan with my parents, and spend 9 days at my favorite place, Walt Disney World!! Last time we went we had such an amazing time! Instead of The Wilderness Lodge, we will be staying at Port Orleans Riverside (having a child requires a budget unlike last time). We have had numerous people tell us the resort is beautiful, so we thought we’d give it a try. I did tell Doug when we take Logan we will return to The Wilderness Lodge, because the decor is perfect for a little boy. I LOVE the Deluxe Dining Plan so I was not giving that up, all that amazing food I can hardly contain myself! Artist Point, Be Our Guest, Teppan Edo, YAK & YETI…Here I come!!!!

Due to my unexpected business my posts will not be that often this summer. I am taking Biology, starting July 7, so that along with helping out my mom I will be busy. I will try to do updates as often as possible, all my love until next time!


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