Waiting for work = quick update!

Since my Political Science homework has not been posted yet, I thought I would give an update on what has been going on in our house. Where to begin? Well the weather lately has been beautiful, so we have been taking full advantage. On our weekly Saturday trips to Great-Grandmas, Logan has enjoyed playing in her front yard and picking flowers.


I have been busy wrapping up Spring Semester, and am going to take a class this summer that is a month to get it out of the way. I am actually looking forward to the class, since it is a science class. However, I know it will be a lot of work, but I am prepared.

Doug and I bought our first couch a few months ago, we did not think it would come this soon, but last Thursday it was delivered!


We were without a couch for one night, so I had to watch the Giants game laying on the floor. I am not going to lie it was kind of fun.


The couch being gone opened up the entire living room, and let me just say it was so funny to watch Doug and Logan “make” a “fort.” While I baked some Red Velvet Cookie Creamwiches (recipe to come in another post), Doug tried to teach Logan how to build a fort, but it was more like Logan destroyed everything Doug put up. Frustrating for Doug, but funny for me!



In the end, Doug gave up trying, and decided maybe Logan is a bit young to make forts with at the moment. However, everyone in the house loves the new couch.


On the other hand, Simba is a big fan of the new chair, but so am I since I can curl up in a ball to watch TV due to the fact it is huge.


Sadly, there was an injury in the house yesterday involving Logan, Mommy, and the vacuum. I thought Logan was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but to my horror he was not. The little guy was behind me, and when I pulled the vacuum back popped him in the eye. My mom and I took him to the doctor, and his eye is fine just a little purple. This morning it looked better than it did yesterday, but I feel so bad his first black eye was caused by me.


Well that is my update, hopefully my homework is up so I can finish my class for the semester. Enjoy the rest of the week!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for work = quick update!

  1. A fort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha hilarious! At least his first boo boo wasn’t stitches like Brian’s was over his eye due to running into a door in the house…. Talk about a nervous wreck!!!!!

    • I cannot believe how accident prone we are as a family! I can understand what you mean about being a nervous wreck. I always think about all the broken bones, stitches, and injuries in the family, and cringe at the thought of how inevitable it is for Logan.

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