Busy, Busy

I apologize for my absence, and just thought I would give a quick update from the last couple weeks. The end of my school semester is quickly coming to an end, and I cannot wait for it to be summer!! As a family, we are planning some FUN stuff, and it all starts the week I get out of school with a SF Giants game! As for the other things being planned, well you’ll just have to wait to find out!! This weekend we will have a fun time at my cousin Megan’s baby shower! Another boy for the family woohoo! So many babies expected this year for my family, and I am SO excited to finally be an Auntie I can hardly contain myself! My little niece or nephew to come is already spoiled by me, and I think his or her Mommy loves it! Logan had his 2 year check up a few weeks ago, and is finally right in the middle for growth. He has sprouted like a weed, 35 inches! My little baby is clearly a little boy, which is so hard to believe.


I LOVE this picture of my little Big Man and I!


Logan clearly thinks the closer he is to his work, the better it will turn out. What a silly boy!


Palm Sunday, getting ready for church with a hair wash and a bath!

Yesterday a little accident happened. Right before I went to take an exam, Logan squished the back of his hand in the sliding doors at my parents. The back of his hand swelled, turning purple, and looked like it was oozing, which was not a fun thing for either of us. He started screaming, and I, already frazzled from anxiety about my exam, got so sick to my stomach. After screaming for DaDa, he finally calmed down, but it resulted in his first band-aid. Sadly, my parents had no Disney band-aids so he had to settle for a regular one.


This morning his hand looked fine, so I am not worried! My Dad, thankfully, fixed the sliding door so Logan will not be able to repeat the hand smashing.

Well, time for me to say bye, and begin my final paper for this semester. My next post will not be until I am done with the semester, so goodbye until the beginning of May!!


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