Beginning of March

Well since my last post my little boy turned two, and has continued to show us that he is growing into a big boy  (or my little Big Man)!


(A huge thank you to Amanda for taking the beautiful pictures for his 2nd birthday!)

Logan’s birthday week was a week long celebration that included his favorite foods including lasagna, butternut squash macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and of course a trip to his favorite restaurant.


Logan’s Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese


His favorite place to eat is Mimi’s Cafe to get the Mimi Mouse Pancakes with scrambled eggs. On the day of his birthday his Great-Grandma wanted to take him there for lunch, so Uncle Chris met us to celebrate. It was so nice of our waitress to bring Logan some ice cream with caramel, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. However, due to the size we all helped him enjoy it.

His party was a Sesame Street Theme, and was so much fun. Although he did get a little cranky at one point, but he was fine after he got his cake. He got some awesome presents including a basketball hoop, and some DC shoe to match his Daddy’s.

This week Logan decided to figure out how to get out of the crib and playpen, so he got upgraded to a toddler bed. He was so excited, and we have had no problems with the transition. However, I decided a big boy needed sheets (and a room theme) fit for his age instead of the infant theme of deer. Last night before he went to bed we told him we would go shopping for some new things for his room.


This morning we headed out, and Logan picked a new bedroom set. I was VERY surprised the Mickey Mouse set did not win, but I like what he picked. Jake and the Neverland Pirates! After we got back I made lunch, and put the set in the washer. We played outside after that, Daddy did the lawn, and then it was bath time for Logan. Finally, they had finished drying so I could put them on his bed.


He was so excited 🙂


It is safe to say as long as he has this, and his Mickey Mouse, he will sleep like a little angel.


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