Last days of February!

Another week has begun, and it seems the weeks fly by so quickly. I cannot believe this week my little boy will be 2 years old, but there will be a post about that later in the week. This past week included lots of fun in the Stevenson house.

Logan got a hold of my Food Network Magazine, and found that he wanted to Fish crackers.


While I was giving him his breakfast he kept saying “cracker.” Well he was in luck because we went to Target later, and he got some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies.


He was very excited, and filled his tummy. To my delight, he was so content he took an hour nap!


For those who may not be aware, Logan usually does not nap, ever, and at this rare event I took care of some neglected homework.

On Saturday, Doug and I went to Almond Blossom with Justine and her cousin Jaime, but we left Logan at home deciding it was to windy for him. I did not want him to get his cold back since he is having pictures taken tomorrow. After some pastries, and checking out the booths, Doug and I went home to find a surprise on the porch. Logan received his first birthday present from his Great-Grandpa and Grandma Hope. Logan had to model his new shirt while we were taking a walk yesterday, he looks so cute, and I cannot wait to take him to the beach to wear the board shorts that match!



After our walk, we had some dinner, and Daddy broke out the Birthday Cake Oreos. Logan said “Cookie” repeatedly, so we gave him his first Oreo. Doug looks so pleased.


Logan calls them “Oroos,” and he enjoyed sharing with Daddy.


So, that is what went on in our house this last week. For the remainder of the week, I will be preparing for Logan’s Birthday Party, and spoiling him with his favorite foods. Have a great week everyone!


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