New Years and Birthday

The last couple weeks have been super busy, which is not abnormal, but at night I find myself exhausted. Logan is getting more active by the day, but he has started to play quietly by himself. As a family, we had a nice, quiet New Years with no parties just us and season one of Once Upon A Time. It was perfect.

On December 30, we celebrated my 23rd Birthday, which was on January 4. I had so much fun, and loved having my family over for lunch and cake!


Me with the cake my Mom and Dad got. Marble Cake with a Vanilla Custard, and whipped frosting (not nasty buttercream)!


Mom and Dad with their little Princess and Doug!

For my birthday dinner I chose to go to my favorite Mexican Restaurant, Esmeraldas in Ripon. The food is so good, and the green sauce is nice and spicy! When I was pregnant with Logan we ate their almost every week, since it was one of the only things I could keep down.


Logan waiting patiently for his tamale with Mommy 🙂

On Saturday, Doug and I went out to lunch for our Anniversary early, since he is having a busy week of planting. He took me to my favorite Chinese Restaurant Golden Bowl! I ordered the Chicken Fried Rice with Broccoli Chicken, and my favorite appetizer Crab Rangoon.


I ate everything on the plate, and could have eaten more Crab Rangoon.

Logan is all ready to go to work in the orchard with Daddy and Papa!


The rest of the week will be filled with preparing for school to start, and hoping everything goes well next week for my mom. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!


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