Christmas 2012

This Christmas season was so much fun! Little Logan has developed such a personality, and was such a good boy with all the business around him. He has come to believe whenever Mommy is in the kitchen, he is supposed to be there also acting as little Chef. This is how the two accidents happened. On Christmas Eve he hit his head on the wall at Doug’s parents, and at my parents he hit his head on the table in the kitchen to put the food on. In both cases he was fine, but not too happy.

On Christmas Eve morning we opened presents at our house. Logan was so excited, and wanted to play with the paper. When he opened his puzzles that changed. We had to let him play with them immediately, but when he got his Cars Lego Duplo set he wanted that instead.


After we opened presents, we made our way to Doug’s parents house to celebrate Christmas. Cindy made a wonderful lunch made up of ham, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, and bread. Dessert was the highlight, Cindy’s homemade chocolate cake was wonderful, and a triple berry pie from Kandie’s made my tummy happy. Logan got to play with his Uncle John and Aunt Becky, and he loved trying to pet Peaches.


We went home around 4, and I told Doug he HAD to feed my tummy. I decided Masumi was it, and we stopped for take out before heading to my parents. Since I was little we always opened presents on Christmas Eve night, so we waited for Chris to get off work to do so. Once my brother arrived, Logan got so excited!


Logan was so ready to open presents, and we had a lot of fun. On Christmas, we went back to my parents early so I could help prepare lunch. We also had a wonderful surprise visitor…Auntie Lindsey!!!


Logan was so happy to see Lindsey, and cannot wait to see her on Sunday! We took a picture of Grandma and most of her babies.


Here is a picture that was taken while the cooking was going on.


Lunch turned out amazing, and dessert was just as good. I love peach pie and ice cream!

We just finished eating on the leftovers, and froze ham and turkey to make soups! However, I could not help but use my favorite Christmas gift on the leftovers. My parents got Doug and I a panini press/grill/griddle, and I made some yummy panini’s!


Ham and Swiss Panini for my brother.


A Turkey and Provolone Panini with spicy brown mustard and Spinach for myself! YUMMY!

Well this coming week will be just as busy as the last two, but I cannot wait! Sadly, it is now time for mass amounts of laundry, and house cleaning. Have a great week everyone!


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