Finally, almost December

Thanksgiving has come and gone! This means it is my favorite time of the year! December to me means the birth of our Savior, and a yearly trip my favorite place, Disneyland! It also means torturing Doug with one of my favorite movies of all time, You’ve Got Mail, which I know he would never admit it but he does like watching. We are getting ready for Logan’s second Christmas, and the house is certainly looking festive.


This is my favorite decorated area of the house, and feature my favorite decoration. The little Christmas present Doug mom gave me the first year Doug and I were married. However, it does also remind me of the ones I miss most this time of year, but I know they are watching over my family.

As I said in the last post we took Christmas pictures, so here a few of my favorites!






Logan is getting so big, I cannot believe he will be two years old in March. I love my “little big man” with all my heart, and could not imagine how life was before he came along. He loves watching Sesame Street as you can see from this picture.


At bath time on Saturday he found my old My Little Pony, and asked me “What is it?!” I told him it was a pony, and he responded enthusiastically “PONY!” After he had his bath he would not let me have it back, and it is now with all his other toys in the living room. 🙂Image

Such a sweet boy! Well I better get ready to give my little prince his dinner. I made a favorite of his Spinach Mushroom Lasagna, so he will be clapping his hands as soon as he see me put it on the table!



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